Part Ⅰ of the Canada Gazette has been revamped!

July 26, 2016

Dear Madam/Sir:

The Canada Gazette Directorate (CGD) is pleased to publish Part Ⅰ of the Canada Gazette with a brand new look this week!

Starting on July 30, 2016, Part Ⅰ will be published entirely in accordance with a new format in line with the one adopted for Part Ⅱ and Part Ⅲ at the beginning of the year. Among the new elements are a different font slightly larger, an improved layout, a coloured coat of arms on the cover page and a new header; this header will also be used from now on in Part Ⅱ of the Canada Gazette.

With these improvements, Part Ⅰ of the Canada Gazette will be more modern and will have an enhanced readability. The CGD has now completed the transformation of its publication with this last step.

For more information concerning the new format, do not hesitate to contact us at

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate