The Canada Gazette is now 175 years old!

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A Word from the Director of the Canada Gazette

The Canada Gazette is celebrating its 175th anniversary on October 2, 2016. Fifteen years have gone by since the Canada Gazette Directorate (CGD) commemorated with pomp and circumstances the 160th birthday of the Canada Gazette by publishing a book entitled 160 Years of the Canada Gazette. The booklet In the Past Ten Years . . . was updated recently as a sequel to this publication to demonstrate how the production of the Canada Gazette has evolved over the last fifteen years. Both documents are available on the Canada Gazette Web site under “History since 1841.”

The work environment and the tools used daily have changed drastically over time but the Canada Gazette is still the official newspaper of the Government of Canada and continues to play an essential role in the federal regulatory process.

A dedicated team of employees demonstrate an ongoing commitment to ensure, week after week, that the Canada Gazette is published on time while maintaining high quality and service standards, no matter the circumstances.

Happy birthday to the Canada Gazette!

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate