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The Governor General, the Right Honourable David Johnston, on the recommendation of the Canadian Decorations Advisory Committee (Bravery), has awarded Bravery Decorations as follows:

Star of Courage

John W. Gallie (deceased)

Medal of Bravery

Ronald James Andersen
Petty Officer First Class André Aubry, C.D.
Hichem Ayoub
Juergen Baetzel
Constable Craig Barker
Jean-François Bouchard
Constable Robert Conant
Constable Steve Demers
Corporal Alisha Dawn Fisher
Special Constable Joshua Ford
Barry Gateman
Helen Anne Goulet
Daniel Patrick Greene
Brant Hannah
John Fawcett Vernon Hewitt
Paul Hindson
Constable Paul Hykaway
Arliss Jackson
Tobias MacDonald
Daniel Maisonneuve
Constable Michael McGee
Stéphane Ouellette
Constable Samuel Poirier-Payette
Constable Blake Pyatt
Stuart Rostant
Marc Savoie
Gregory Swan
James Sylvest
Adam James Tarnowski
Sylvain Tremblay
Carol Van Ruymbeke
Dale Gary Woloshyn

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, on the recommendation of the Canadian Decorations Advisory Committee (Bravery), has also awarded two Medals of Bravery to members of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. For security and operational reasons, recipients’ names and citations have not been released.

Emmanuelle Sajous
Deputy Secretary and Deputy Herald Chancellor



His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, on the recommendation of the Civil Advisory Committee, has awarded Meritorious Service Decorations (Civil Division) as follows:

Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Daniel Alfredsson, M.S.C.
Alethea Aggiuq Arnaquq-Baril, M.S.C.
Robert Edward Burrell, M.S.C.
Jennifer Coghlan, M.S.C.
Nicholas Iain Coghlan, M.S.C.
Teresa Barbara Dellar, M.S.C.
Jessica DiSabatino, M.S.C.
Robert David Ellis, M.S.C.
Heinrich Ulrich Feldmann, M.S.C.
Peter Michael Ford, M.S.C.
Judy L. Graves, M.S.C.
Michael Kaufman, M.S.C.
Gary P. Kobinger, O.M., M.S.C.
The Honourable Jack Layton, M.S.C. (posthumous)
Ting Yim Lee, M.S.C.
Monique Lefebvre, M.S.C.
Joseph Maloney, M.S.C.
Norman J. Rolston, O.B.C., M.S.C., C.D.
Nicole Rycroft, M.S.C.
Ronald Sluser, M.S.C.
Mark Vincent Wafer, M.S.C.

Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Patricia S. Adachi, M.S.M.
Christopher Joseph Alfano, M.S.M.
Miles Leland Anderson, M.S.M.
Sherilee Ann Anderson, M.S.M.
Julian Armstrong, M.S.M.
Gary Bailie, M.S.M.
Nathalie Beaudry, M.S.M.
Sharon L. Bieber, M.S.M.
William F. Bieber, M.S.M.
Stanley M. Diamond, M.S.M.
Ruby Dunstan, M.S.M.
Tina Fedeski, M.S.M.
Paul E. Finkelstein, M.S.M.
J. Barbara Finley, M.S.M.
Georgette A. Fry, M.S.M.
Andrew John Furey, M.S.M.
Hy Goldman, M.S.M.
Sandra Goldman, M.S.M.
Ian Scott Graham, M.S.M.
Stephen Robert Gregory, M.S.M.
Les Hagen, M.S.M.
Claire E. Hopkinson, M.S.M.
Kenneth Hubbard, M.S.M.
Hal Johnson, M.S.M.
Jennifer Judith Jones, O.M., M.S.M.
Tina Jean Keeper, O.M., M.S.M.
Brigadier-general Vincent Wayne Kennedy, O.M.M., M.S.M., C.D. (retired)
John J. Kish, M.S.M. (posthumous)
Marilyn Y. Kish, M.S.M.
Inspector Andrew Stefan Koczerzuk, M.S.M. (retired)
Claudine Labelle, M.S.M.
Michael Landsberg, M.S.M.
Francine Laplante, M.S.M.
Allen Large, M.S.M.
Violet L. Large, M.S.M. (posthumous)
Michel Jacques Bernard Le Baron, M.S.M.
André Léon Lewis, M.S.M.
Major-general Terrence Liston, M.S.M., C.D., M.B.E. (retired)
James Paul Martin, M.S.M.
Joanne McLeod, M.S.M.
James Robert Michie, M.S.M.
Jackoline Gail Milne, M.S.M.
Brenda L. Montani, M.S.M.
Patrick M. Montani, M.S.M.
Valerie Lynne Nelson, M.S.M.
Frances Noronha, O.Ont., M.S.M., M.B.E.
Sherman Olson, M.S.M. (posthumous)
Travis A. J. Price, M.S.M.
James Raffan, M.S.M.
Bilaal Rajan, M.S.M.
Mary Margaret Richard, O.M., M.S.M. (posthumous)
Jasmin Roy, M.S.M.
Judy Servay, M.S.M.
David J. Shepherd, M.S.M.
William Shurniak, M.S.M.
Narendra Chetram Singh, M.S.M.
Dave C. Sopha, M.S.M.
Mary Spencer, M.S.M.
Gregory C. Van Tighem, M.S.M.
Bruce R. Vanstone, M.S.M. (posthumous)
Rebecca Anne Viau, M.S.M.
Les H. Voakes, M.S.M.
Michael Charles Ward, M.S.M.
Captain(N) William Hargen Wilson, O.M.M., A.O.E., M.S.M., C.D.

Emmanuelle Sajous
Deputy Secretary and Deputy Herald Chancellor