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The Canada Gazette Directorate offers you the opportunity to subscribe to RSS feed. You have the possibility of receiving an update informing you when the Canada Gazette, Part Ⅰ, Part Ⅱ and Part Ⅲ are available online.

This service, free of charge, is offered to help keep users of the Canada Gazette Web site up to date on legal notices and proposed regulations published in Part Ⅰ, official regulations, in Part Ⅱ, and enacted legislation, in Part Ⅲ that affect the daily lives of Canadians.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you need to have a feed reader. Your feed reader can be a separate software program or it can be built in to your Web browser. RSS Feeds Information are available for users unfamiliar with RSS feeds.

The following Canada Gazette RSS feeds are currently available:

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