Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 148, Number 20: GOVERNMENT HOUSE

May 17, 2014


The Chancellery of Honours announces that the Government of Canada has approved the following awards to Canadians:

From the Government of the Republic of France

Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour
to Mr. Reginald B. Allen
Mr. Russel Bannock
Mr. Eric Isaiah Bezanson
Mr. Donald Joseph Bliss
Mr. Frederick Brown
Mr. Ronald William Butcher
Mr. Archibald Donald Campbell
Mr. Peter Goodwin Chance
Mr. John Colson
Mr. Ronald E. Cox
Mr. James Andrew Crooks
Mr. Albert E. Culley
Mr. Marshall Thomas Desveaux
Mr. Albert Doiron
Mr. Roy Ernest Eddy
Mr. James Francis Edwards
Mr. Leonard William Fitzgerald
Mr. Harold Andrew Furlong
Mr. Walter Kenneth Georgeson
Mr. Louis Godin
Mr. Wilmore Stanley Hamilton
Mr. Kenneth Charles Hanna
Mr. Russell Frederick Hubley
Mr. Lloyd Edward Hunt
Mr. Raymond Donald Knight
Mr. George Nicholas Kusyk
Mr. Kenneth Charles Lett
Mr. James Douglas Lindsay
Mr. Rex C. F. Luckhart
Mr. Paul Emile Maisonneuve
Mr. William Martin
Mr. Joseph Meagher
Mr. Albert Henry Minnings
Mr. James Moffat
Mr. Reid Byron Myers
Mr. Kenneth Owen Newell
Mr. Earl Grant Nisbet (deceased)
Mr. Edward James O'Halloran (deceased)
Mr. John Harold Phillips
Mr. Kenneth John Pratt
Mr. John Walter Ross
Mr. Roy Rushton
Mr. Eugene Raymond Sanford
Mr. Thomas Patterson Scade
Mr. Arthur Britton Smith
Mr. William G. Talbot
Mr. William Wigglesworth Turner
Mr. John Jack Vincent Watts
Mr. Thomas Ross Wheler

The Government of Canada has also approved the award of the National Order of the Legion of Honour (Knight) to all other eligible Canadian veterans, approved by the Government of the Republic of France, who participated in the Allied Invasion of Normandy and Provence. This entitles the accepting and wearing of the decoration. The Chancellery of Honours will keep a record of the names of the recipients.

Deputy Secretary and Deputy Herald Chancellor