Vol. 147, No. 10 — May 8, 2013


SI/2013-52 May 8, 2013


Schukra Gerätebau AG Remission Order

P.C. 2013-437 April 25, 2013

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, considering that the collection of the tax is unjust, on the recommendation of the Minister of National Revenue, pursuant to subsection 23(2) (see footnote a) of the Financial Administration Act (see footnote b), remits tax in the amount of $1,121,004.90, paid under Part XIII of the Income Tax Act (see footnote c) by Schukra Gerätebau AG during the year 2003.


(This note is not part of the Order.)

This Order remits the income tax paid or payable by Schukra Gerätebau AG in respect of the year 2003.

Part XIII tax was erroneously withheld on Schukra Gerätebau AG’s income in 2003. The tax is remitted based on financial setback with an extenuating factor.