Order Amending the Export Control List (Arms Trade Treaty): SOR/2019-223

Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 153, Number 13

SOR/2019-223 June 17, 2019


P.C. 2019-799 June 16, 2019

Whereas the Governor in Council deems it necessary to control the export of goods and technology to ensure that arms, ammunition, implements or munitions of war, naval, army or air stores or any articles deemed capable of being converted into those things or made useful in the production of those things or otherwise having a strategic nature or value will not be made available to any destination where their use might be detrimental to the security of Canada and to implement an intergovernmental arrangement or commitment;

Therefore, Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, pursuant to paragraphs 3(1)(a) and (d) and section 6 footnote a of the Export and Import Permits Act footnote b, makes the annexed Order Amending the Export Control List (Arms Trade Treaty).

Order Amending the Export Control List (Arms Trade Treaty)


1 Paragraph 2(b) of the Export Control List footnote 1 is replaced by the following:

2 The schedule to the List is amended by adding the following after Group 7:


Arms Trade Treaty

The goods referred to in items 9-1 to 9-9, whether or not included elsewhere in this List, the export of which Canada has agreed to control in accordance with its obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty.

9-1 Battle tanks that are tracked or wheeled self-propelled armoured fighting vehicles weighing at least 16.5 t unladen, with a direct fire main gun of at least 75 mm calibre.

9-2 Armoured combat vehicles as follows:

9-3 Large-calibre artillery systems as follows:

9-4 Military aircraft and related systems as follows:

9-5 Military helicopters and related systems as follows:

9-6 Vessels and submarines that are armed and equipped for military use and that

9-7 (1) Missiles and missile launchers, as follows:

(2) Paragraph (1)(a) includes remotely piloted vehicles that have the characteristics of the missiles or rockets described in that subsection.

9-8 (1) Small arms that are destined for police or military end-use by individual members, as follows:

(2) Subsection (1) does not include

9-9 (1) Light weapons destined for use by individual members of armed or security forces or by several members serving as a crew and delivering primarily direct fire as follows:

(2) Subsection (1) does not include antique firearms, as defined in subsection 84(1) of the Criminal Code.

Coming into Force

3 This Order comes into force on the day on which section 6 of An Act to amend the Export and Import Permits Act and the Criminal Code (amendments permitting the accession to the Arms Trade Treaty and other amendments), chapter 26 of the Statutes of Canada, 2018, comes into force, but if it is registered after that day, it comes into force on the day on which it is registered.

N.B. The Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement for these Regulations appears following SOR/2019-220, The Brokering Control List.